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Healing the World Through Social Action

The International Energy Agency predicts that global oil demand will go up more than a third by 2030. (source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2006) World levels of oil production, however, are likely to go into decline before this. As the industry debates when the production peak will occur, we look at alternatives and actions open to individuals, communities, businesses and governments.

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Breaking the Fast


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When the Shark and the Fish First Met

A small and gentle fish was swimming in the middle of a peaceful ocean.  All of a sudden, the fish saw a shark that wanted to devour him. He then began to swim very quickly, but so did the shark. Suddenly the fish stopped and called to the shark: ‘Why do you want to devour me? We can play together!’ […]

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Signing On

As an autograph collector, I can honestly say that all my favourite celebrities are dead

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The Complete History of the Jewish People Starting with David Schneider

I’m old. I write to you now as an old person. Amend the census, tick the age box marked ‘35 to what-does-it-matter-he’s-pastit-now’

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Buying Hitler 1
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Buying Hitler

On the Psychgy of the collector and the attraction of dictator art

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