Can Limmud Be Replicated Outside the Jewish Community? 0
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Can Limmud Be Replicated Outside the Jewish Community?

Six Limmud attendees consider the possibilities

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Terrorist Food and other Dishes 0
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Terrorist Food and other Dishes

Judy Batalion chews over culinary Wiliamsburg

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Healing the World Through Social Action

The International Energy Agency predicts that global oil demand will go up more than a third by 2030. (source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2006) World levels of oil production, however, are likely to go into decline before this. As the industry debates when the production peak will occur, we look at alternatives and actions open to individuals, communities, businesses and governments.

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Breaking the Fast


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When the Shark and the Fish First Met

A small and gentle fish was swimming in the middle of a peaceful ocean.  All of a sudden, the fish saw a shark that wanted to devour him. He then began to swim very quickly, but so did the shark. Suddenly the fish stopped and called to the shark: ‘Why do you want to devour me? We can play together!’ […]

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Silencing the Seagull 0
by / on 6 November, 2012 at 4:34 PM / in Dispatches

Silencing the Seagull

The difficulties of organising alternative Jewish culture in contemporary Hungary

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Smoked Salmon Chow Mein 4
by / on 25 July, 2012 at 11:40 AM / in Dispatches

Smoked Salmon Chow Mein

A Jewish cultural tourist in Beijing – Limmud China and philosemitism

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Speed Shrinking 0
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Speed Shrinking

Participants choose a queue — depending on whether they want to solve or sell their personal stories — and move along, given three minutes with each head-doctor or literary guru.

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Signing On

As an autograph collector, I can honestly say that all my favourite celebrities are dead

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Salt Beef in Soho + Channukah in Budapest

Salt Beef in Soho, Channukah in Budapest

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The Complete History of the Jewish People Starting with David Schneider

I’m old. I write to you now as an old person. Amend the census, tick the age box marked ‘35 to what-does-it-matter-he’s-pastit-now’

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Dispatches 1
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The Big Cheese The wild, top-hat-and-jeans-clad compére jumped onto the stage to announce the 20 semi-finalists of the second annual New York Cheesemonger Invitational. The crowd roared approval at those über-mongers who could detect age, nationality, name and bloom. For this, the third of four rounds, each contestant was to cut two 1/4 pound chunks of cheese and wrap each in cheese paper in under a minute. To mad […]

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What is Our Security?

On the self-destructive quest to feel secure ‘Security. A word that these days seems simultaneously both to conceal so much and to reveal so much.’ – John Berger A man is told that he will die from a fall. Such is the terror this generates in him that he decides never to leave his home again. But confining himself to […]

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Buying Hitler 1
by / on 8 June, 2011 at 5:29 PM / in Art, Columns, Opinion

Buying Hitler

On the Psychgy of the collector and the attraction of dictator art

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Amos, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Bob

One of the first original compositions that the young Bob Dylan debuted in folk clubs in New York upon arriving from Minnesota in 1961 was ‘Talkin’ Hava Negilah Blues.’ Introduced by Dylan as ‘a foreign song I learned in Utah,’ the song consists almost entirely of the singer trying to get the words ‘hava nagila’ out of his mouth. ‘Ha… […]

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Kill Him First

On the hijacking of sacred texts for political purposes in Israel

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by / on 25 November, 2010 at 3:56 PM / in Judaism, Opinion, Politics

Not in Our Name: Religious Activism in Sheikh Jarrah

If you happened to walk past the tiny Othman Ibn-Affan street on a Friday evening, you might have been struck by a rather uncommon event: a large group of Palestinians of all ages and left-wing Israeli secular peace-activists gathered around a table on the porch, listening to young religious men and women reciting Kiddush. This anomaly is part of the […]

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by / on 23 November, 2010 at 5:34 PM / in Satire, Sport

On Debt

The bible, we often hear, has little relevance to modern, metropolitan life. It records the myths and rituals of primitive men, who lived a hand-to-mouth existence and knew nothing of the Universe. Why should we live our lives according to the fantasies of Neolithic shepherds? In these days of factory farms and cloned sheep, they have a point. But perhaps not all the green Arcadia of the mind is yet concreted over. In the space of a few recent days, two of the biggest bosses in football have issued important dairy-related statements

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Towards Democracy

As a British-born Israeli who works to overcome internal divisions within Israeli society, I watched the recent hard-fought British elections with considerable envy. While comparisons between societies and political cultures are always problematic — and certainly those made between two as different in history and circumstances as our own — such an exercise can nevertheless provide helpful insights. The purpose […]

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Delegitimising the Delegitimisers

I first recall hearing the term ‘delegitimisation’ applied to Israel six or seven years ago at a rather turgid conference in Brussels, when Nathan Sharansky presented it as part of his 3D test for unfair criticism of Israel. The way you could detect this ‘new antisemitism’, he said, was if the critic was applying double standards to Israel, demonising the […]

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by / on 21 December, 2009 at 2:09 PM / in Limmud

Virtual Judaism

Representation is a moving target. Jewish culture is undergoing such changes that to pin it down to one representation is an illusion. Prof. Jonathan Webber, 1999 I’m a Jewish vegetarian atheist. Jonathan Ornstein, director, Jewish Community Center, Krakow, Poland, 2009 In the mid-1990s I began exploring a phenomenon that I described as ‘filling the Jewish space’ in Europe. Along with […]

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Lessons Unlearned and Learned

When will Emmanuel Olisadebe finally become a real Pole? Only when he too apologises for Jedwabne.’ This cryptic Warsaw joke becomes clear only if one knows that Mr. Olisadebe, originally from Nigeria, is the sometime star of the Polish national football team, and Jedwabne is a town in northeastern Poland where 65 years ago the ethnic Polish part of the […]

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Steven Pinker & Bencie Woll

A brief exchange on language, love and life.

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by / on 11 May, 2009 at 2:12 PM / in Opinion

Why Anti-Semitism Matters by Denis Macshane

The first political pamphlet I ever wrote was in 1978. It revealed and denounced the indifference of British newspapers and television to the problems facing the black and Asian communities in the UK. It asked why there were no Afro-Caribbean or Asian broadcasters, reporters, news-readers or by-lines in our papers. I cited the anti-Semitism of the Daily Mail and Daily […]

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Communal Singing

These days, when only the mentally ill, the professionally hired and the irrepressibly Welsh have the nerve to do it, it’s easy to forget there was a time when public singing was as much a part of daily life as public drinking and public moaning about public transport. Students crooned the anthem of their academy, factory workers lullaby’d their shift […]

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The Language Barrier by Gabrielle Rifkind

Language is the medium that allows us to understand the world. We see nature, society and human motives not as they are but as our language allows us to see.

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There’s No Place Like Home

Surely we’re all multiculturists now. We accept the necessity of the pluralist democratic state, with multiple groups sharing a contested yet neutral public space. We know, as children of modernity, that we can never be fully ‘at home’, that communities are virtual, free flowing and in flux, and that identities are multiple. We know, from the tradition of post-colonial thought […]

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by / on 9 February, 2009 at 9:44 AM / in Limmud

The End of Diaspora and the Rise of a Global Jewish Community

A debate between Professor David Shneer and Professor Gil Troy in anticipation of their appearance at Limmud Conference 28th December 2008 — 1st January 2009

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Last Saturday, while watching Preston North End hammer Bristol City, I was struck not for the first time by the sight of my fellow fans sporting headphones. Now, it’s possible that some were listening to music. Perhaps the spectacle of Stephen Elliott bludgeoning the visiting defence is further enhanced by St Matthew’s Passion or Girls Aloud belting into your eardrums.

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How can we not, as Jews, have compassion for asylum seekers? We have only to look to our own history.

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