“A literary and political magazine of the greatest possible distinction.”  (Harold Pinter)

“The magazine is one of the liveliest Jewish forums around.” (Elie Wiesel)

About us

The Jewish Quarterly is synonymous with quality.
It is a high brow, cultural review at the forefront of Jewish writing.
Now in its 59th year, it is a prestige read with a loyal and committed readership.

Our recent contributors include Amos Oz, Nathan Englander, Jonathan Freedland, Howard Jacobson, Eva Hoffman, Linda Grant, Julia Neuberger and Frederick Raphael.

About our readers

We can deliver over 5,000 educated and culturally sophisticated readers, with high disposable incomes and a taste for the finer things in life.

The typical Jewish Quarterly reader is an affluent professional, who takes luxury holidays, collects books, art, antiques and enjoys fine wine. Theatre, opera, ballet, exhibitions and concerts are an important part of the Jewish Quarterly reader’s life.
Overseas circulation includes individuals in most European countries, North America, Israel, South Africa and Australia.

What makes us special?

The Jewish Quarterly has staying power.
Our readers hold on to each issue, reading it slowly and thoroughly.
They either file it safely or pass it on to a friend when finished.
They are influenced by our reviews, advertisements and features.
64% have said they are influenced in their book purchases by our reviews and 76% by our advertisements and features.

Jewish Quarterly readers are heavy book buyers, consuming fiction titles, biographies, politics, history and leisure reading, in addition to academic books and journals. 85% purchase books annually, with the the number of paperback and hardbacks bought considerably higher than the national average (Books & the Consumer, BML).

For more information, contact the Jewish Quarterly: 020 7267 9442, or e-mail us.

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