Spring 2016 Issue Out Now


Spring 2016

Our spring issue is dedicated to storytelling. Whether on the page, the screen or the stage, stories are all around us and there may never have been a better time for stories to be told, with all the mediums available to us. A good story stays with you, and our writers for this issue confirm what we already know, which is that people hunger for a good story and for shared experiences.

Jonathan Freedland compares fact to fiction and Joshua Halberstam explains the importance of stories to Chassidim. Award-winning cartoonist Marf offers Adam and Eve for a selfie generation and Jenni Frazer profiles Derek and Rachel Rose Reid and their passion for being the keepers of Jewish stories. And there couldn’t be better timing to announce the winner of the JQ-Wingate Literary Prize. You’ll also find poems by Yehuda Amichai, original fiction and spring season previews of music, movies, and theatre, by the usual crew. This issue’s gorgeous cover was designed by Josh Baum.


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