4 Replies to “Drawing a Line”

  1. Eddie Campbell says:

    Great work, Sarah.

  2. Mike Rosen says:

    Awesome and thanks!

  3. Cynthia says:

    What an amazing story!

  4. Christie Davies says:

    This comes as no surprise to me. The French have an appalling record on antisemitism from Dreyfus to Petain. When the Nazis arrived and wanted to seize the Jews, the French ‘over-collaberated’. Vichy delivered up to them more Jews than had been asked for by the Nazis. In Lyon the Italian army rescued Jews who had been rounded up by the French gendarmerie. Time to dump the myth of the Resistance. It is used as a way of hiding their crimes. We should not forget the righteous individuals in France but equally we should remember the antisemitic culture that prevailed among a rather larger number.

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